Part artist, communicator, and author, Eric Samuel Timm is all passion. As he speaks and paints, Eric captivates his audiences with his unique teaching style and unforgettable live art performances. Eric's gift to create and catapult your vision brings key experiential moments to reality that are rooted in a profound but simple presentation style of God’s word. When he speaks, people listen; when he paints, people see what they could not hear.

Eric has released his first book called Static Jedi available where books are sold, and the next releases are in the works. Eric is currently working towards finishing a doctoral degree in Christian Thought. He serves his local church as a Teaching Pastor, an Outreach Evangelist, and a Lecturing Professor at North Central University.

Each year Eric travels the U.S. and internationally stirring up the dormant leaving audiences in numbers from 50-50,000 inspired. Eric founded No One Underground and 501c3, Painting Hope which serves Public Schools with value based public school assembly programs across the country. Residing in Minnesota, with his wife and 3 children, Eric partners with you to expand the Kingdom.

Depulso Creperum.